January 28, 2016

Muse of The Month: Avril Lavigne

I chose this month's muse based on the theme that I'm having this week on the blog. After 2002, when I saw the music video Complicated for the first time, I became a huge fan of Avril Lavigne for about a decade. She is the one who has influenced me the most. I've had posters of her on my walls, been to her concert two times, I have all of her albums during 2002-2011, I even bought her fragrances and some clothes from her clothing line Abbey Dawn. So, yes, I was pretty hardcore fan. Sometimes I still found myself listening Under My Skin, her second album, which is possibly my most listened album ever.

Avril's style image in 2002 was a punk skater girl. The key pieces of her style were cargo pants, ties and sneakers. In 2004 she became more of a punk princess. She wore tulle skirts, combat boots, stud belts and black cargo pants. Her color scheme was usually black with red or pink. I always adored, and still do, her long natural ash toned hair with black ends, and also her black smokey eyes. In 2005 Avril dyed her hair and has been blonde ever since, sometimes with pink or green highlights. These past years she's been the punk princess, a bit of cute pop vibes with rock vibe. Her style contains a lot of pink and other bright colors, black, studs, skinny jeans, dresses and platform high heels. Even though she's still very punk pop, she can also be very elegant and chic.


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