February 25, 2016

Muse Of The Month: Whitney Houston

February's almost over, but here's the Muse of the Month - Whitney Houston (9.8.1963-11.2.2012). I got inspired by her 80's style and picked some items so you could get the look.
Whitney's style in the 80's and early 90's was fun, girly and feminine. The 80's was all about shoulder pads, mom jeans, bright colors and big hair. Whitney is a good example of that era. I especially love that blue jean, white top and leather jacket look. I'm also seriously considering a perm, not as wild as Whitney's hair though, but maybe a 'surf perm'.

Key pieces: blue mom jeans, blazer (with shoulder pads), biker leather jacket, bodycon dress, big earrings, big hair bow

2. Topshop mom jeans / light blue / mid-blue / authentic blue   


More music videos to watch:

February 16, 2016

Prairie Affair

Background photo by Gordon von Steiner, Vogue, January 2016

I've always loved prairie -inspired style, so when I saw those romantic florals, ruffles and lace in many collection for Spring/Summer 2016, I was pretty excited. One of my favorite editorials this season is the picture above of "Little Sisters" Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid and Lottie Moss, wearing beautiful blossoms. If you're not into super-romantic-and-sweet look, choose combat boots -for example Dr. Martens, to bring some attitude and 90's feeling to your pretty blossoms.

February 5, 2016

Spring 2016 Trends: Silver Linings

One of the big trends this spring will be shiny, metallic silver.
White is always a good choice with silver, but if you want something new, try to pair silver with something bohemian like Isabel Marant showed us in her SS16 collection. Perhaps tribal inspired jewelry, textured fabrics and ethnic prints?

February 3, 2016


So, today was my third day waking up as 21-year-old. I had fun celebrating my birthday on Sunday, and I ate a lot of ice cream. Can you tell by the name of my blog, that I love ice cream? Haha.

Well, I wanted to show you some of my latest purchases/obsessions. Those boots you might have seen already, but others are new to the blog.

I bought these Levi's 501 jeans a couple of months ago from a thrift store. I haven't wore them yet, but I bet I'll be wearing them a lot in spring and summer. That Levi's t-shirt I got as a Christmas present. I usually prefer men's t-shirts since I don't like too tight fitting t-shirts. If you're about size 34, you can choose between men's S and M.

I've been obsessing over patches for long time. So, I got these seven patches as a Christmas present as well. They're all from Ebay. I'm planning to collect more of them and when I have a good collection, I'm going to add them to a vintage denim jacket. Well, now I just got to find the right one.

Have a great Wednesday!