December 4, 2017


I grabbed my Finnish LP's and wore my most Finnish outfit (inspired by the 80s/90s) to take some photos for Finland's upcoming 100th birthday. Maybe on Wednesday I will wear something more festive.

Kysyt itseltäs missä mä olen
Kun törmäät nakkikioskin oveen
Muistat silloin valkeaa kättä
Joka vetäis sut ulos täältä
Minä juoksen ja kyyneleet sulaa
Tiehen joka on pelkkää mutaa
Et voi pimeässä kotia löytää ja
Mennä valmiiksi katettuun pöytään
Siellä palavat kynttilät hiljaa
Toinen odottaa kauan ja turhaan
Joku antoi jo valomerkin
Käskyn lähteä pimeään yksin

(Dingo - Valomerkki)

American Apparel jeans // H&M denim jacket // Vendi t-shirt // Lumi bag // H&M shoes

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November 30, 2017

SUOMI 100 - Hundred Songs from Finland

To celebrate the 100th year of independent Finland (December 6th), I made a playlist of 100 Finnish songs. I chose these songs for various reasons; some of them are undeniable classics, some of them make me feel nostalgic and some are current favorites of mine. There are some great songs in English too if you don't understand the Finnish language. Or maybe after listening to this playlist you want to learn Finnish?
Alle viikon päästä rakas kotimaamme on ollut itsenäinen tasan 100 vuotta ja sen kunniaksi tein sadan biisin soittolistan Spotifyssa. Listalta löytyy suomalaisia klassikoita, omia lemppareita, nostalgisia kipaleita sekä kansainvälisestikin menestyneiden suomalaisartistien biisejä. Lista koostuu aika lailla omista lemppareista, joten älkää ihmetelkö tai loukkaantuko jos joku tietty artisti tai biisi puuttuu.
Hyvää torstai-iltaa ja alkavaa joulukuuta kaikille! Huomenna saakin jo avata ensimmäisen luukun joulukalenterista!

October 13, 2017




September 30, 2017

Have You Ever Seen The Lights?

Lyrics: The Killers - This River Is Wild (Sam's Town, 2006)
Lyrics: The Killers - Sam's Town (Sam's Town, 2006)
Pictures from Sam's Town Decennial Extravaganza at Sam's Town Hotel & Gambling Hall, Las Vegas, 30.9.2016

Shoes, jeans, skirt and hat - H&M
Socks - Lindex
The Killers Sam's Town picture vinyl

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September 6, 2017

Festival Summer 2017

Is there still magic in the midnight sun, or did you leave it back in '61?

Imagine seeing your favorite band from the front row in your home country. And hearing your #mce (= mancrusheveryday) speaking your mother language while being just a couple of meters away from you. If you're a true music fan (or let's face it: #fangirl4ever), you know that words cannot describe the feeling. This was the first time for The Killers to perform at a festival in Finland. The last time they were in Finland was in February 2013 which was my first Killers concert. Now I have seen them four times; three times within a year, twice during this summer (Provinssi and a week after that I went to Bilbao BBK Live festival in Spain).

The most amazing concert experience I have had in my 22 years of living, was Sam's Town Decennial Extravaganza, a 10-year anniversary concert of The Killers' sophomore album Sam's Town, at Sam's Town hotel in Las Vegas (The Killers' hometown), where they performed the whole album from start to finish, and of course Mr. Brightside and some of the biggest hits couldn't be left out. It was way more than just a concert. The hotel was playing nothing but The Killers, the drinks were named after their songs, the restaurant had a special menu for the occasion and even the movie theater in the hotel was playing movies chosen by the band members. I can't believe that it happened almost a year ago. I might do a little something when Sam's Town turns 11 years (which is very soon). Maybe some kind of blog post inspired by the album, since it is such an important album to me.

Now that we are talking about music, fangirling and concerts, I'm going to tell you a little secret. Next April I'm going to Parahoy! A 4-day cruise from Miami to Bahamas with Paramore. Quite surreal if you ask me. I am beyond excited!

Festivals and concerts I attended this summer:

 KROQ Weenie Roast in Los Angeles (Paramore, Lana Del Rey, Cage The Elephant, DREAMCAR..), Provinssi festival in Seinäjoki (The Killers, Haloo Helsinki), Guns N' Roses concert in Turku, Bilbao BBK Live in Spain (The Killers, Cage The Elephant, Spoon, The 1975, Depeche Mode..), Flow Festival in Helsinki (Lana Del Rey)

The Killers at Provinssi 29.6.2017:

Haloo Helsinki! at Provinssi:

Photos taken with Olympus PEN E-PL7

August 15, 2017

In a Blink of an Eye

Blueberries, blue fingers, sunny world through yellow sunglasses, front rows at festivals, colored vinyls, watermelon every day, twenty centimeters shorter hair and too much licorice ice cream.

Dress - Lindex / mesh shirt - H&M / hat - H&M / shoes - Converse / sunglasses - Urban Outfitters (similar here!)

VINYLS: Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead, Bruce Springsteen - Born In The U.S.A.

August 13, 2017

Las Vegas, January 2017

Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas
Give us your dreamers, your harlots and your sins
Las Vegas
Didn't nobody tell you,
the house will always win?
Brandon Flowers - Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas

Neon Museum Las Vegas: