December 4, 2016

Xmas Gift Guide For Him

"Red Porsche 944 like Jake in Sixteen Candles, for goodness sake. And a couple more you might have missed, like a shiny Rolex on my wrist"
(The Killers - Dirt Sledding)

Of course we are all different, so naturally Christmas present should be something personal, and something special for that specific person who we are buying a gift. However, I have chosen some of my favorite gift ideas for both, men and women. Whether it's your boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, brother, sister or your parents, I hope these will give you some ideas.
Stay tuned for "Xmas Gift Guide For Her," till then you might get some ideas for girls as well from this post. A lot of these items are quite unisex, so don't hesitate to buy men's pieces for women as well!

November 19, 2016

Muse Of The Month: Lady Gaga

Muse of the Month is back is and could it be anyone else than Mama Monster aka Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta aka Lady Gaga. Have you listened to Lagy Gaga's new album Joanne? I think it's her best album so far. Songs I would recommend you to listen: Grigio Girls, Diamond Heart, Million Reasons, Come To Mama, A-YO, John Wayne
Lady Gaga definitely has the most extravagant style in the music industry nowadays. She always reinvents her style and she is not afraid to shock the world with her outfit choices. I find it really inspiring and I have big respect for Lady Gaga, not only as a style icon, but as a human being and as an artist, which she is with a capital A.
I've created two shoppable collages, the first one with Gaga's #JoanneVibes -pastel pink hats, cowboy boots, high rise denim shorts, blazers and big aviator sunglasses, and the second one with some "old school Gaga" pieces. But Gaga has no rules in fashion, so why should you?

2. Markus Lupfer x Linda Farrow star sunglasses / black / pink