December 4, 2016

Xmas Gift Guide For Him

"Red Porsche 944 like Jake in Sixteen Candles, for goodness sake. And a couple more you might have missed, like a shiny Rolex on my wrist"
(The Killers - Dirt Sledding)

Of course we are all different, so naturally Christmas present should be something personal, and something special for that specific person who we are buying a gift. However, I have chosen some of my favorite gift ideas for both, men and women. Whether it's your boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, brother, sister or your parents, I hope these will give you some ideas.
Stay tuned for "Xmas Gift Guide For Her," till then you might get some ideas for girls as well from this post. A lot of these items are quite unisex, so don't hesitate to buy men's pieces for women as well!