March 27, 2018

a cup of tea

Anyone else listening to The Crash in 2018? Because I am and I've been quite obsessed since last autumn. It's funny how the music from your childhood always bounces back somehow. And it's the best when you find a different kind of appreciation for that music now that you're closer to a so called 'grown up'.

Well, now that we're talking about music, which is my favorite subject to talk about beside fashion of course (and astrology and all the weird mind blowing stuff), remember when I mentioned Parahoy some weeks/months ago? A cruise with Paramore, one of my favorite bands since I was a pre-teen. I still cannot believe it's happening. I'll be on a same boat with Paramore!
Oh! And we have theme nights which should be lots of fun. I'll make sure to photograph my theme night outfits! I'll be posting on Instagram (@thefashionsundae) and Snapchat (nooravesalainen), so don't forget to tag along!

TFS by noora mug, American Apparel jeans, Zara denim jacket, Zara t-shirt, H&M beret, Nike Air Max 90

Have a nice Tuesday! :)