August 18, 2015

MUSE OF THE MONTH: The Women Of Twin Peaks

I just finished watching all the episodes of Twin Peaks for the first time and I became quite a big fan. So, this month's muses are the women of Twin Peaks. 

The women of Twin Peaks favor all the warm, earthy colors: different shades of brown, green and orange. The color scheme also has some bright colors like blue and red and also pastels. All kinds of knits and sweaters are very common in Twin Peaks. Donna Hayward favors knitted sweaters, cardigans, suede jackets and midi skirts. Shelly Johnson works at the Double R Diner where she wears a pastel mint colored dress. Her looks on free time contains plaid flannel, denim and some girly garments. Shelly also wears accessories, like headbands and different earrings. Audrey Horne looks like she lived in the 40's or 50's and she also dresses like that. Her style is very feminine which you can see already in the first episode of Twin Peaks when she switches her black and white oxfords to red heels when she steps out off the car to school. Audrey wears pencil skirts/midi skirts, sweaters and blouses with her short curly hair and feminine make up. Josie Packard has also very feminine and sharp style. She is the most classy looking woman in Twin Peaks. She wears furs, classy dresses, blouses, chic smart trousers and blazers.

Who else is excited about the new upcoming episodes of Twin Peaks? I can't wait.

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